Retreat in Raglan :)

From Auckland we went to the surf town of Raglan, where I again had opted for a different hostel and a 3 night stay. Who was our driver? Right, Lantern for the third (and last) time! We got there pretty cruisy and I was at the hostel around 1 pm already – what I had not seen while booking was that it was on a pretty steep hill 😛

So with all my stuff I made my way up and fell into the reception, gasping for breath 😉 I got a bed in a 6-bed dorm in an old train carriage, pretty special and very cosy! As my main goal was to relax and chill again, I didn’t really do much there. Free WiFi was only on the terrace in front of the reception, so limited by battery life and the temperatures 😉 The view was absolutely spectacular though, so just sitting there was relaxing 🙂

12351000_10153864048907590_1027455199_n 12348587_10153864048972590_963296106_n

The others were in a hostel up the road and having a group BBQ that night, so I had signed up for that thinking I could just walk there and back. Unfortunately, it was a pretty small road with not much space for walking, also with lots of bends and fast cars… and nobody had a torch, so I went there, got some food and then had to hurry back while there was still some light left in the sky. Adventure, yes!

The retreat did not only offer surf lessons (no, thanks), but also yoga in the morning (yes, please!). So i signed up for both mornings and got rewarded with a beautiful studio – above said terrace, so even better views out towards the sea. The first time it was a relaxation class and I was the only one there, so it was very rewarding for my poor body after all those buses and weird beds 🙂 The second day was a flow class with 2 others, more intense in many ways but still very good 🙂


The next morning, Luca picked me up with the new group and we went towards Mourea, our first cultural stay 🙂


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