The Deep South part 2

From Gunns Camp, we set off towards Te Anau again and then towards Invercargill. There was a walk to a waterfall not far from the camp, so we stopped there, but the motivation wasn’t really high… It did work as a warm-up though 😉

Te Anau was another trip to the supermarket and picking up some new people, then onwards via the scenic route to Invercargill. The weather was quite good for the scenery again, but once we got to the real South, it started raining. We went through Invercargill, past the hostel and then to Bluff where we took pictures at the signpost for the Southern end of Highway 1 and dropped off some people who wanted to take the ferry to Stewart Island.

The hostel was again a bit strange, an 8-bed-dorm that only had space for 6 people and free wifi that only worked on the ground floor… but we had a good laugh in the kitchen after dinner 🙂

Another late start, then we set off towards the Catlins, an area of rough coastline. Here we stopped at the lighthouse at Waipapa Point and at Curio Bay, where we did see a petrified forest – unfortunately though not the yellow-eyed penguin which lives there 😦

From there it was back to Bluff for Fish and Chips, the specialty being a sort of shark! It was very tasty and incredibly cheap! A very good meal before the express trip back to Queenstown after we picked up the Stewart Island people again. Funny fact: I went to buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket and actually got asked by the lady at the checkout if I was over 25. Thanks very much, but yes, I have been over 25 for a while… 😉


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