The Deep South part 1

We started very early in Queenstown, with a new driver, Lantern, to explore the Deep South. Heading towards Te Anau, we drove again through some pretty amazing scenery, stopping at the Mirror Lakes (not the same one as before!) for some pictures. Te Anau was where we picked up our cruise tickets and had a supermarket stop because after that there’s nothing – a lot of nature but not even a mobile signal 😉

We drove towards Milford Sound through mountains and past waterfalls, through the pretty scary Homer Tunnel and finally arrived at the cruise terminal. The weather was great, it was sunny and blue skies – the day before it had been raining heavily and the road had been closed. All that rain meant that we got to see plenty of waterfalls 🙂

I enjoyed the boat trip, however I had expected Milford Sound to be longer. The scenery was of course amazing, but I have now seen pictures from Doubtful Sound and am wondering if that had been the better choice… it wasn’t an option on the bus though.

From Milford Sound we drove back, met some cheeky Keas that wanted to ride with us and arrived at Gunns Camp, our stop for the night. Gunns Camp is an old workers’ camp from the days they built the tunnel and the owners are trying to keep the old ways. There are showers and toilets and a fully functioning kitchen, but no electricity other than between 6 pm and 10 pm when the generator is on and mostly fire to heat rooms or water. Back to basics 😉

I can see why it could be a nice place to stay on a holiday, away from everything, however I have never been so cold before… I just don’t do well with cold 😉


4 thoughts on “The Deep South part 1”

  1. As we’ll be there on the south island doing some travelling in a few weeks it is fun to read about yours now! (Öland next summer. We seem to follow your lead…)


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