Wanaka to Queenstown

We had a late start in Wanaka and then the first stop just outside at Puzzling World. I don’t really do well with illusions and such, so I decided to skip this one and stay in the cafe instead 🙂

We drove towards Queenstown, stopping just outside Cromwell at Mrs Jones’ Fruit Stall. They had all sorts of dried fruit and nuts, but also tons of fresh fruit and the best frozen yoghurt fruit icecream ever! We worked our way through the tasting table and the shop and finished with the icecream – who needs lunch 😉

Our next stop was the AJ Hackett Bungy at Kawarau Bridge, the birthplace of bungee jumping. We even had one guy who wanted to do the jump there – but unfortunately the wind was so strong that nobody jumped that day. We walked out onto the bridge and it was shaking like crazy… Standing there I realised: nope, never will I bring myself to jump off a bridge like that! 😉

Arriving in Queenstown, it was pouring down and we couldn’t wait to get into the hostel. It was far from great, but at least we had a nice view and our own bathroom. As everyone had been talking about the famous Fergburger, we all went out to get one – at 4 in the afternoon the queue wasn’t that bad 😉

So how was it? Big! Best burger ever? No! A few days later I had the competition burger from Devil Burger and I liked that one much better! It was tastier, not as huge, but I didn’t have to stand in a queue and also could sit down – whereas for the Ferg we had to go back to the hostel kitchen.

After the burger I needed a walk and wandered a bit around the centre. Queenstown is not very big, 5 streets times 5 streets and you’re done, but it has a huge amount of restaurants, cafes and bars as well as souvenir shops and so on. Plenty to see, lots of money to be spent 😉


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