Mount Cook

What can I say? Mount Cook or Aoraki as the Maori call it is the highest peak in New Zealand and right now I am sitting in a hostel lounge looking at it and its surroundings in the sunshine 🙂

It’s very impressive and with the hanging glaciers and snow all over the tops a beautiful sight. When we got here, it was great weather and the most people from the bus followed our driver Pacman on a walk to Hooker Valley. I didn’t because I needed to do laundry and also was staying for 3 nights. Of course the weather wasn’t as good the next day when I did the walk – but it was still quite pleasant and I managed to get home before the big rain started.

Again, the hostel is not a big hit. When we checked in, we got into a room that had not been cleaned, beer bottles, used sheets etc. Housekeeping was still around though, so we hoped it’d be done later. It wasn’t… until I talked to one of the boys and begged them to clean out room too. It seems the room we have was not a dorm until rather recently and they don’t need to have good quality service – as they are the only place catering for backpackers here. One guy in reception is really nice and helpful, the rest of the staff there is also not really that welcoming.

I want to do a stargazing activity here because it is said to be the clearest sky, but the past two days that didn’t happen. First it was fully booked and then they cancelled it due to the weather – without telling me… Maybe I try again tonight, at least the weather might be better now.

After the big walk yesterday (18 km in just under 4 hours), my ankle is a bit annoyed with me and I decided to not do much today to rest it. Hence I’ve been writing blog posts like crazy about the past places we went to – they’ll be popping up over the next few days 🙂 The wifi here is not good enough for pic uploading, but at least up to my return to Queenstown you can see them on flickr. Again, facebook or instagram is your friend for small update pics in low quality 😉


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