Paradise! a.k.a Abel Tasman National Park :)

Abel Tasman must be one of the most beautiful places on this planet! Of course I was super lucky with the weather (once again) and it was sunny all the days I had here. There were clouds the night we got here, but those had vanished the next morning.

The hostel: The Barn it is called and it’s not really “just” a hostel! The dorms are rooms in some sort of cabin style around a courtyard that doubles as meeting area and laundry drying spot. No bunkbeds, single beds and feather duvets! Very nice! They also have smaller cabins with double rooms and lots of spaces for camper vans and such. A lot of showers and toilets in different places, no mobile reception, but a wifi hotspot and a huge outdoor kitchen with an equally huge fireplace. A really really good place to hop off the bus 😉

I already told you about the water taxi and the walk on the first day, which I really enjoyed. On the second day, the others left and I had the room to myself until the evening, when the next bus was due. The idea was to sleep long and take it easy. However, the German guy who does the cleaning here walked in on me at around 9 and I decided it might be a good idea to get up 😉 Put my laundry on (without detergent because I forgot to buy it and didn’t want to go back again), had a nice breakfast in the sunshine and then just chilled in one of the comfy chairs.

After that, I walked down to the aqua taxi place and booked a tour again, different direction this time. Changing into my bikini and hiking shoes, packing my towel and some stuff, I set off into the Park again to hang out on the beach. Wasn’t too sure which one, but had missed one the day before and wanted to check it out. And what a nice beach it was! Well worth the walk through the forest downhill 🙂

Friday was my next boat ride and walk day, this time they dropped me off at Torrent Bay and I was supposed to walk to Bark Bay from there via the Falls River swing bridge 🙂 Another beautiful day, the walk was fantastic and the swing bridge quite something – a bit more wobbly than I thought and it showed in the pictures too 😉

Then there was a sign for a beach that I had seen from above and I decided to go there. The sign had a hiking symbol on it… So it was quite a climb down and back up, but I did it, even if it was on hands and knees sometimes 😉 After all of this it was only about one kilometre to the Bay where I was to be picked up – some two hours later. Suddenly my right ankle did its weird thing again and I was on hands and one knee – painful this time. I hobbled down to the beach and decided not to move until the aqua taxi came 😉

That worked quite ok, but a nap did not – there were too many of those tiny little sandflies trying to eat me alive. They are not dangerous, just a little annoying and will give you lots of red dots that itch. Nevertheless, I survived that (a little sunburnt maybe from not moving too much) and really enjoyed the fast boat ride home 😀


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