Abel Tasman

Arrived in paradise!

Writing this from Abel Tasman National Park – which is, if you ask me, one of the most beautiful places in this world! I remembered it being pretty cool from the last time we were here – but it is much better than that! And if you look at that image on top of this article, you hopefully see why 🙂

Today I took a water taxi out to one of the bays and then walked back for about 12 km. Water taxis are small boats that can take about 20 passengers to very shallow waters at a very high speed – 50 knots, meaning a lot of hopping up and landing on the waves 😉 So much fun!

The coastal track is very well signposted and they also have signs for the beaches and viewpoints, so I didn’t really walk straight back. Instead I took all the detours and even had a little nap on one of the beaches 😉 Still it took me only a little more than the 4 hours the DoC had planned for that track, so it’s really not hard – even if it started out very steep uphill 🙂

While my bus group will be leaving tomorrow morning to go further South, I have opted to jump off the bus here and stay another 2 nights to enjoy it longer. Tomorrow will probably be a slow day, I need to do laundry and should write up some more blog posts to keep you lot entertained. Also trying to work on and upload my photos to Flickr as this is the best wifi so far – meaning it’s still pretty slow, but at least doesn’t seem to be dying regularly. On Friday I hope to do another trip with the water taxi and a walk, must also sort that out tomorrow.

Am I happy? Yes, very much so! Do I get in touch with a lot of people? Not so much, so far most of them have been waaaay younger – and not only in age 😉 Sometimes I feel like a granny 😛 Don’t get me wrong, they are all nice and such, but we just don’t have that much in common. My dorm partners right now are British and Irish girls between 18 and 25 I think, so I have no idea what they are actually talking about – the Kardashians? 😉

It’s fine though, still good to meet other people and hear different things 🙂 The highest percentage on this tour seems to be Germans and Americans in equal mass, then there is the odd Dutch, Swedish or French person. Special call out to Hilary: I am very thankful that I know you and some of your friends – otherwise my idea of Americans would be shaped by the ones I am meeting here… 🙂

What do I hear the most? “Oh, you’re German? But you don’t have an accent!” Well, thank you, it’s kind of my job and it can be handy sometimes to not be recognised straight away 😉 Germans as well as Americans are very easy to spot… that’s a fact, not a prejudice anymore 😛

So yeah, no worries about me, I will try to inform you about my adventures so far very soon! If you haven’t heard it yet: I saw a blue whale!!! 🙂


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