Starting 2 months in New Zealand :)

Auckland now, next stop Christchurch and then off on my bus tour on Sunday 🙂 Used today to organise some things and finally have a print-out of my itinerary now to make notes on and think about where to maybe hop off the bus for a day or so. If I do as I planned now, I will still have about 2 weeks left to maybe go to the South Pacific 😉

My AirBnb here is absolutely beautiful, you can see a few pics on flickr! My hostess is really nice and I am thinking of booking with her again before I leave NZ in December. It’s a calm place and would be good to collect myself and my memories before Australia. She even did my laundry and left it outside my room when it was dry! Funny that I only ended up here because it’s right by Coxs Bay 😉 Which is a very nice little bay and neighbours the most expensive houses in all of New Zealand 🙂

Auckland itself is not exactly exciting, I spent about 3 hours in the city centre today and think I saw most of it 😉 Of course I’d like to take the ferry to Devonport or so, but that will have to wait for the next time I’m here.

However, it is veeeeeery hilly here and I have been doing a lot of walking yesterday and today, if this continues, I will have crazy muscly legs at the end 😛 Still I couldn’t cycle up those steep hills like the locals, that’s quite impressive! The weather is again really nice to me and my hostess said it had been quite bad until I got here. So fingers crossed my luck will continue! 🙂

A few important things for you following me: I will try to write blog posts about my adventures as usual, but probably not be able to upload high-quality pics to Flickr as I do now. Some of the accommodation on the tour don’t even have mobile reception, never mind WiFi… and even if there’s WiFi, I have my doubts that it will be enough for a whole bus of people to surf at a good speed 😉

My mobile internet will be ok for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, so please follow either my FB page if you don’t do that already or my Instagram (which will automatically publish on said FB page 😉 ). And if you want to get hold of me, I recommend a message on Facebook 🙂


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