Hong Kong with Big Bus – day 2

After the first day being such a full day, there wasn’t too much left of my Big Bus package, so I could take it easy. First stop was the Harbour Tour with Star Ferry, starting just after midday. Unfortunately, there was a typhoon warning stage 3 in place so it was quite windy and the water rather choppy… But I thought those ferries have been going since 1880, if they think it’s fine, we’ll be ok 😉

And actually, once we were out in the harbour, it was way less wobbly and choppy than I thought, quite nice in fact. The sun was out, there were dramatic clouds on the horizon and the photo opportunities were plentiful 🙂 We went from the Central Pier to Kowloon Bay and then turned to stop at the Kowloon side before we returned the other way.

Star Ferry

That tour had made me hungry and I decided to try that fish and chips place I had seen before. What I had not seen was that they were in fact from New Zealand and were selling craft beers such as Früh Kölsch – really?!? The food was delicious though and so was the freshly made lemonade! Perfect to start part two of the day by hopping on the Star Ferry again and tackle Kowloon 🙂

My plan was to walk along the Avenue of Stars (the Asian Walk of Fame), get a photo of the Bruce Lee statue there and then hop on the bus for the Blue route. It worked quite well for the first part, but then it started raining… It was just about ok to have the camera out for Bruce Lee (the picture does have a few raindrops on the lens…), but then it turned into proper heavy rain. All the people hid wherever they could until it at least eased off.

Bruce Lee

I made it to the bus stop quite ok and luckily the bus arrived pretty soon. It then stayed at the stop for about half an hour to catch up the schedule, but I didn’t care, inside was much better than outside at this point 😉

Rain 2 Rain 1

Unfortunately, the rain meant that I couldn’t really get good pictures through the windows, so it was more taking in Kowloon than catching it. I must say it felt much more Chinese than Hong Kong Island!


Then it was back once again on the Star Ferry and towards Central. After all this talk about shopping, I had to look at at least one mall, seeing that the Ifc one was on my way anyway, I went for a browse 🙂

People here LOVE designers and exclusive brands! Of course most of the women are slim enough to wear those clothes and probably recognise them on others – whereas I could be hit in the face by a Gucci dress and wouldn’t know 😛 So yes, it was lots of designer shops and lots of jewellery. My first time ever looking at a Tiffany’s display – with shiny and glittery keys and no price tags 😉

There was also a supermarket where you could get everything you could ask for, fresh goods as well as imported food from all over the world. German dried berries with original German labels as well as all sorts of British favourites 😉 I just stocked up for tonight and tomorrow and then wanted to go outside. Wanted – because the rain had started again, diagonally and in huge amounts 😉

So instead I took the MTR home, edited my pictures, talked to my hostess and generally took it easy 😉

One thing that is bugging me though: As I mentioned, she has a very cute dog. But it seems he never gets to go out and is alone a lot 😦 There’s a pee and poo pad in the bathroom that he uses and she cleans it up whenever she is home. And with this storm raging outside now, he was alone in the dark living room while she’s out partying. He was very scared and I tried to calm him with cuddles, not sure it worked 😦 Haven’t seen her much in those days and therefore I don’t think I should raise the issue – but I do feel sorry for him. A beagle should be out and about, sniffing and being a dog! Maybe this is custom here though?



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