Stockholm at its best – again ;)

Sweden has been very good to me I have to say 🙂 As my time here is coming to an end (for the moment, leaving on Tuesday), I find myself back in Stockholm, in a hotel room, on my own – after a rather busy long weekend.

The trip from Umeå to here was very easy and quick, small airports have their advantages 😉 Somehow I get the feeling that I have never flown into Arlanda in good weather, this time it was raining like mad when I got there… on the bus into the city it cleared up though and by the time I reached the stairs at Fotografiska on Södermalm, the sun was shining brightly 🙂


Here I met with my friend who would later in the evening be announced as my boyfriend 😛 Yes, that’s right! And those of you who know my history will know who it is – rest assured we both know what we are doing and that it feels great! The timing could have been better as I’m leaving Europe for 3 months now, but we’ll be ok – there’s been worse 😉

Friday evening I spent with Ann, taco girls night and tv, very relaxing and good to catch up again 🙂 Needed to get some rest before my big day on Saturday – time for Mrs Murphy‘s high heels class!

10 women of all ages, 3 agents of fabulousness and of course Mrs Murphy herself gave it all in 2 hours and in the end we could move our hips, walk stairs and even run in our highest heels! It was such great fun and I recommend everyone to take that class – awaken your inner goddess 🙂

Mrs Murphy's class(Image from Mrs Murphy’s facebook page)

Then we took the metro to Slussen and had a coffee at Fotografiska before we looked at the exhibitions.  I liked most of them, but the last one we saw was very much weird and not really my cup of tea. Nevertheless it is worth going there every time – have you been? 😉 The best was the höstsalongen, where 24 normal photographers from all over Sweden presented their projects. Some of those were very impressive and thinking they got picked from over 2,400 applications – wow! 🙂

Until our table was booked in Melt Bar we had enough time to walk there and enjoy the amazing colours that the sky was offering. Wonderful clouds and a sunset made for all colours from purple to orange and red – just look 🙂 Of course I had not taken my camera with me as we were out all day, guess if I regretted that…

clouds over Gamla Stan sunset

Melt bar then was absolutely fantastic! Felt a little underdressed with my bright green trainers, but oh well… It’s a bar styled like in the 1920’s with champagne cocktails in punch bowls, wonderful outfits and very good food! Downstairs they have a little stage with burlesque performances – such a cool place 🙂

Today it was a walk to and through Bromma Blocks, then off to the city and into my hotel where I will stay until it’s time for the airport on Tuesday. Will I have to organise things for Hong Kong or just get there and take it as it comes?


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