Off topic – or maybe spot on?

Little different post today, it’s just a suggestion: Following the news on the internet and on tv when possible, this whole refugee drama every single day is really affecting me. I want to help, but don’t really know how from here. If I was in Hamburg, I’d probably have been helping in the Messehallen by now, just to do something.

This question also came up in one of the best travel groups on Facebook that I am a member of and the admins there set up a donation page with one of the biggest organisations in Germany straight away. I have just donated and would be happy if I have one reader here who wants to do the same – any Euro helps!

Under this link, you’ll hit the page. As it is a German organisation, it’s only in German, but if you need help, just drop me a mail and I’ll sort you out 🙂 Payment can be done via PayPal and credit card as well, so at least that works internationally 😉
Thank you for reading!


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