Up up North

That’s where I arrived today! A big place with several barns and a huge house that serves as the family home as well as a b&b with two rooms. I am very lucky because I get to stay in one of them for 3 weeks and it’s such a lovely room! It’s very big and has a high ceiling, the walls are white, but have patterns right underneath the wooden ceiling.

ceiling pattern

Two beds, two chairs, a lovely old desk, a closet and – the highlight – an old stove as this was the kitchen originally! 🙂 Wooden floors and enough space to not only unpack my whole backpack for the first time since I started, but also a perfect spot for my yoga mat – we’ll see if I finally use it again now! And throughout the whole house, it’s modern but keeping a lot of the old character of the house 🙂

my room

The hostess is also lovely, she picked me up from the airport in Umeå because it was much easier than me coming on the bus. The village is actually right on the big road E4 and that one goes around the city, so on the way here I understood why we did it that way. The house is part of what once was an estate where they first made iron and then had a sawmill, but that went bankrupt towards the end of the 19th century. Now there is a sawmill again, one of the biggest up here, just behind the house. She said depending on the wind direction, you can hear the road or the sawmill up here – but so far it has been just quiet 🙂

She is doing a lot of things at once, teaching permaculture is one of them and I hope I can pick up some of that as well. The garden is huge and very neatly designed, it’s not all self-sufficient yet, but certainly on the way there. For lunch, she harvested carrots, potatoes, sugarsnaps, kohlrabi and tomatoes for example. The food will be mainly vegan she said as she does most of the cooking. I don’t mind that, will be interesting to see for me 🙂 We haven’t talked about the work yet, but it looks like it’ll be mainly the garden, getting the harvest in before the frost and preparing for the next year.

The house also is the home of 3 teenagers (2 girls, one boy) and two dogs: Runo is a black retriever, so he’s pretty big and Morran is a long-coated dachshund girl. Very different dogs, but they are both super-friendly and cute 🙂 I got to walk them with the youngest daughter today, they’re easy-going. And here it’s one dog per person, not 3 😉

I think I will have a good time here and I hope I took the good weather with me – today has been sunny and not too cold. Hopefully it’ll stay a bit longer like that!

Here’s the stove!

stovestove detail


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