Öland – my oasis of calm :)

It’s already more than a week that I am on Öland and I am enjoying it immensely! My host is a very nice lady, who runs a b&b and has a lot of activities going on all the time, sometimes I get to tag along as well 🙂

Up until yesterday, the weather has been absolutely great, blue skies and sunshine all day, 24 degrees warm – a real summer! Which of course also meant hopping into the sea for a quick swim every day in the afternoon once the work was done! That wasn’t quite as warm, but still nice and I know a few nice places now for swimming. If you ask nicely, I might tell you 😉

The past two days it has been more cloudy and pretty humid, seems the change in the weather affected both of us and we didn’t get as much done as before. Tomorrow, the carpenter is coming to put in some new doors and windows and I think also a floor? Hope I can work in the garden then to not be in his way.

Garden, the key word: that’s where the most work needs to be done by me. As most Swedish houses, this one also has a huge amount of land around it which will turn into jungle and forest very quickly if left unattended. So I have cut a lot of bushes and tree into shape and there’s more to come. Then the outside of the house has to be washed (don’t laugh!) to make it look nice for the big harvest festival. Here, the walls are the easy part, but of course also all the ceilings and bits that are painted white – that’s quite back-breaking and I can’t do it for much more than an hour per day.

With the b&b having a constant stream of guests until today, of course helping to clean the rooms and prepare them for the next guests also was something I could do. Now though that’s over because of the carpenter.

So it’s a lot to do, but I can define my own times and breaks and usually am finished around 3.30 p.m. She also allows me to borrow her bicycle whenever I want, so I took it for a tour South from here on Sunday. It was very nice and even though this bike has no gears and makes funny noises, it got me there and back again with no problem (32 km!).

In the evenings I enjoy catching up on fb, reading books on my reader or generally doing nothing 🙂 We also watch tv together most evenings, depending a bit on what’s on – but Last Tango in Halifax we both adore!!!

So yes, after all the crazy things happening in the first 3 weeks, here I can relax a bit more and just let life happen 🙂 Next week I’ll go to Umeå via Kalmar and Stockholm, catching up with lovely Ann on the way there (and leaving her my fancy shoes) and then taking a flight up instead of a 7 hour train ride…

Internet access here is somewhat limited and we ran out of surf already twice while I was here, so you’ll have to wait for some more pics until I have more access again. Promise it’ll be worth the wait though! 🙂

One thing I have managed to do from here though is booking my NZ bus pass finally – saving around 400€ on the normal price and getting it tailored to my needs. It’ll be the South Island first, starting in Christchurch on 11 October and finishing in Wellington after doing the North Island as well 🙂 Now I need a flight from Auckland to Christchurch and I’m sorted for a while!


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