Hike part 2 – or the long way back ;)

So we spent an actually very quiet and restful night in our tent and as we had set no alarm, were rather surprised to wake up at about 8 a.m. Guess we were a little tired 😉 Breakfast was a hot cup of soup and some bread with fresh lake water and then we slowly packed up our things again to leave this heavenly spot – very reluctantly I have to say.

At least it was not very hard to find our trail again and somehow we made really good progress. It wasn’t long until we came back to the top of the waterfall again (and to the rocks there) and once more we took in the gorgeous scenery with blue skies and no clouds in sight! After a little break for nuts and water, we started moving again. What I had not thought of: If you have to climb up rocks to get up, chances are that there are a lot of rocks on the way down as well – even if you take a different path…

This time, I was getting tired very quickly and because I had thought the way back would be easier, crossing the rocks was getting harder and harder. I was struggling between wanting to get back as soon as possible and being shit-scared as it was quite steep on the sides if you took a wrong step… Thanks to my friend still doing the Icelandic horse thing, I did get to the next crossing safely, if exhausted both mentally and physically. From there onwards, it was a bit easier, mainly because we had come below the tree line again and they were quite useful to hold onto 😉

The last stretch of the trail of course was extremely easy and so we managed to do the way back in about 3.5 hours. Judging by my fitbit steps, we must have walked a total 10 – 12 km in those two days (Edit: it was closer to 17km I’ve been told!) 🙂 We put the backpacks in the car and went to the restaurant to stuff ourselves with well-earned calories. The German in me went for the Schnitzel, but maybe shouldn’t have – after so much yummy food in Sweden, it was rather disappointing. But it filled the gap and I didn’t care much 🙂

In the car, we set the gps to home, but discussed a bit about what to do with the rest of the day as it was just after 2 p.m. The options were going a big detour and spend another night in the tent, go a small detour and spend the night in a tent somewhere closer to Kalmar or go straight there. As said friend is very interested in Urban Exploring, he had a certain place in mind and we finally said we’d go there and then drive home. Even if that meant we’d get there in the middle of the night, we’d rather be there and don’t have to bother too much about getting home on Sunday.

It was my first experience with UE, but of course I had seen pictures and heard stories about it. The place we went to sounded very interesting, even had a good view on the outside and I was quite excited. However, it might not have been the best place to take a newbie like me… I had my own torch of course, but being stuck in there, in an extremely dark, wet place full of strange noises, it didn’t really help much. In fact, maybe because I was also still tired from the rocks business, it really freaked me out! We were there for quite a while, but when my friend went to a spot for photos that meant I had to stay behind, I really couldn’t handle it anymore. Of course I didn’t remember where to get out, so had to wait until the last photo was taken. And as I was so keen to get out, clumsy me came in and made me bang my head really heavily on the way out. So I stumbled out, in tears, seeing stars – only to be smiled at by two other UE guys…

Some sweets and a coffee later I was feeling much better and even able to drive again. It was very weird though because the night got extremely dark – headlights in bendy and hilly conditions also don’t really help a lot. When we did our last change, it was around midnight and we could actually see the stars and the whole Milky Way – beside the motorway! It was beautiful 🙂

Unfortunately, there are no photos from this whole day – sorry about that!

Edit: I completely forgot about the funny couple we met just after the rocks. There are hipsters everywhere in Sweden these days of course, but hiking hipsters were new 😀 These two asked for a trail and received the confirmation that they were right – only to take a different one in true hipster fashion 😛


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