How I got to sleep in a tent on a mountain…

Those of you who know me also know that I have started this trip with zero experience in camping. Me, that’s the girl staying in nice B&Bs or Airbnb places, the odd hotel – but a tent? Never!

the tent

So when a friend suggested we go on a hike together when I am in Sweden, I was very surprised at first, but then agreed to join – should the timing work out, we have a history of planning things and the timing getting messed up, ruining the plan. At this point, I was clearly not thinking of any details of said hike. The deal was for me to be the company and my friend would sort out the rest 😉

As it happens, the timing was actually absolutely perfect this time, it was even possible for me to be picked up on my way down from Värmland instead of sleeping a night in Stockholm or taking a whole day’s train trip. Södertälje was the meeting point and after meeting some friends, we drove down to Kalmar where we spent the following day with last minute preparations (mainly shopping insane amounts of food, fearing we might starve on the mountain) 🙂

Early the next morning we packed the car and set the gps for Fulufjället – it was telling us we’d be driving for about 10 hours straight. We took turns driving and as we have a rather similar driving style (though I need to work on my rallye skills a bit more 😉 ), we managed to get to the entrance of the national park about half an hour before the time estimate from the gps – that’s with a lunch stop for pizza and a fuel/fika stop in between – and a gravel road where I was very happy I was no longer driving!

(Pizza btw: standard size overlapping the normal pizza plate by about 10 cm… HUGE! See the cutlery for comparison?)Swedish pizza

We checked out the entrance area and the facilities, but as the parking sign stated no overnight stays were allowed, we took the car back down to the campsite we had seen earlier. It was very nice, right by the river edge, so we pitched our tent and got the mats and sleeping bag ready. Then we had dinner from our icebox, very luxurious and we enjoyed it a lot. After washing our dishes in the river and filling our water bottles from it, we decided to retreat to the tent for the night. We were tired from the driving and also the other campers didn’t seem interested to interact with us.

riverside camping

With the air mats and the sleeping bag, we spent a surprisingly comfortable first night in the tent, it was warm as well – nothing like I had imagined in my camping nightmares 😉 The sun of course rises early in the summer, so we were up and eating breakfast around 7 a.m., resulting in starting the real hike around 8 a.m. up in the national park – backpacks and all! Little did we know what the day would bring… 😉

Sun's up!


2 thoughts on “How I got to sleep in a tent on a mountain…”

  1. I want to be there! 🙂 Usually, when camping turns into a nightmare, it’s because of the person. So this means, you’re a natural camper!! 😀


    1. It’s a gorgeous place! 🙂 Think it also depends on the company though, was nice not having to worry too much about the organisation 😀


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