Next stop: Öland

Arrived at my next workaway stop, a b&b with a huge garden on Öland. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous since I came to Sweden and it doesn’t seem to change anytime soon 🙂 So I’m enjoying it as much as I can! The idea of following the summer seems to work ok so far.

Tomorrow, I will move into my actual room after spending 2 nights in one of the b&b rooms. And as I will be staying until the end of the month, I can actually unpack ALL my stuff for a longer period of time 🙂 Should also help with finding more things to leave behind – I did a bit of sorting already and am down to 2 pieces again (after having 4 for a while), but the backpack is still too heavy.

Today I have mainly been cutting bushes – with the goal of enabling the lawn to be mowed again next to them. Think that went quite well, but there are more and also they have to be cut on the top still. It was fun though because I could do it at my own pace without any interruption 🙂 Tomorrow morning will start with cleaning this room and preparing it for the next guests.

My host is a very nice lady who knows what she wants done and how, but doesn’t work me to the ground. Yesterday we went on a walk after dinner to retrieve her car, this afternoon we walked down to the village and played boule with a few locals before we went for a swim in the sea. Did I say the lake was cold? Well, this was even colder… but there’s a ladder and soft sandy ground to stand on here which makes getting used to the temperature a little easier 😉 It was actually really nice!

After dinner, I went down to the harbour again and got some sunset pictures, not a cloud in the sky. Before I go to bed, I want to have a look at the stars in the sky – it is very dark around here, so they should be quite well visible. No tripod, so no pictures of that for now – but I will come up with a solution 😉

The blog post for last week and the corresponding photos will follow soon – let me get settled a bit and catch up first with all sorts of things, organisational and others 🙂 (Until then, like the facebook page if you haven’t already, the updates there are shorter, but more frequent than here. )


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