Gorgeous Göteborg

What luck we had to be in Göteborg (yes, I will be using the Swedish spelling instead of Gothenburg – same place though) at this day! It was gloriously sunny and warm all day long and I really enjoyed my time 😀

The hotel breakfast was very good and gave me a good base to walk on all day. Looking at the sights, I had marked a few on my google maps, but not a real plan on when or how to get there. Starting from the hotel, I took the path up the hill and away from the city centre a bit which gave me a few very good views and interesting architecture.

The park of the trädgårdsföreningen (Garden Society) was next and well worth looking at the cool details like statues, flower beds and the palm house. They even had a yoga class going on, too bad I didn’t know that before – looked like lot of fun! From there I walked past the centralstation and in the general direction of the famous Feskekorke (fish church). As it turned out, I found a very nice viewpoint on a cliff just above it and relaxed there for a bit, enjoying the sun on my skin and the lookout over the whole city.

Coming down after a little while, I saw the coolest invention ever: benches with a long bottom part like deck chairs. Perfect for my little lunchtime nap 🙂
I thought the Feskekorke was closed on Mondays, but at least one stall in there was open and it didn’t disappoint! So much fresh fish and lunch options, all equally mouth-watering. I decided for a wrap which had a mix of fish and mayonaise in it – so good!

From there I walked across the bridge to Haga, a very picturesque part of the city, famous for the houses (ground floor built of stone and the two floors above of wood) and the fika (coffee with good stuff, will be worth a blog post of its own). Very nice, small and interesting shops I saw, the biggest kanelbullar in the world (as big as a dinner plate!) and a lot of people, Swedes and tourists alike.

Of course I had to have a fika there too, a so-called kärleksmums (literally: love yummy) with my coffee. Chocolate and coconut – mumsmums indeed! 😀 Then I decided it was enough photography for the day and I went back to the hotel to leave the camera and change into shorter trousers.

The rest of the day I just wandered around, in and out of shops, past the beautiful Dorsia Hotel (when I’m a big girl with lots of money, I want to stay there!) and just enjoyed the vibe 🙂 There is a lot of creativity here and I can see why it is a very nice place to go to university. The buildings are beautiful and very central, it looked inviting and like a good place to learn and have fun 🙂

After buying some things for dinner at ICA, I found a nice spot on the water’s edge and had a picnic in the evening sun. A perfect ending to a beautiful summer day – tack så mycket, Göteborg 🙂



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