Ystad adventure – brought to you by public transport in Sweden

Saturday was the time to hit the next “city”. Ystad is just 30 minutes on the train from here, so of course that’d be my first place to go sightseeing. I didn’t know much before I went there, of course I know the Wallander series though which is set there.

It’s a very pretty city I must say and it was bigger than I expected! Got there a little before midday, it had just stopped raining, but did look like a very grey day. The tourist information is just across the road from the station, very convenient – so I picked up some brochures and a small description of the main sights there. Without any plan (or map), I then just walked out towards what would have to be the city center – behind me was the station and the port 😉

What really surprised me were the very small streets, some pedestrian only, and the equally tiny houses on those streets. But soooooo nice!! All in very good shape, flowers outside, just cute. It was also full of tourists from all over the place, average age maybe 60… next week is a big jazz festival there, that’s probably going to bring even more people.

In the centre are of course all the shops one could need – but you saw my bag, I have no reason or space to shop 😉 Though I got some Kex and Polly, that’s a must in Sweden, right? If you read this and wonder what the hell I am talking about: Kexchoklad (edited as the Swedes will misunderstand it otherwise, so I’m told!) are chocolate-covered waffles and Polly are chocolate-covered marshmallow type things. Ikea used to stock them, check it out 😉

As it was lunchtime, I needed some nice food and found it at Java Bar: salad with gratineéd goat’s cheese and watermelon slices. Omnomnom!!!! It was big, it was fresh and it kept me going for quite a while 🙂 So I walked on again a bit and ended up at the kloster (monastery) with its beautiful herb, vegetable and especially rose gardens where I took quite a few pictures! By that time the sun had come out and it got really warm 🙂

It felt a bit like I was done with the city, but I remembered seeing a little marina from the train, so that was my next stop. What I had not seen, but liked even better, was the little sandy beach right next to it! Think I spent about an hour there, first I got my shoes off and my feet wet (brrrr cold!), and then I just sat in the sun and enjoyed the smell of the sea, the sounds and the calm 🙂 Looking into the mirror now, I enjoyed the sun a bit too much – bit sunburnt…

The real adventure began though with the train ride back: I was at the right platform when they announced it was late. Then they changed the platform and all walked over. Finally on the train half an hour after the timetable, we went two stations further and then were told to change into a bus that would take us to the final stop. I double-checked with the driver that he’d stop in our little village as well and got on. Of course it was a completely new route for me, so it was more guessing where to get off than knowing… There’s a bus stop just up the road from here, much closer than the station – so I hoped he’d go for that. But of course not, instead he took a turn there, drove past the farm and let us off at the station 😉

Now that was exciting – and it can be very helpful to understand and speak Swedish when taking public transport here! This was the second time I realised that…

The pictures I took will follow on Flickr when I have time to sort and upload them – patience you must have, my young padawans 😛 Maybe a few comments will help, this is a very one-sided conversation at the moment…


2 thoughts on “Ystad adventure – brought to you by public transport in Sweden”

  1. German would also be very helpful, because my english is not so good. Und ich habe keine Lust “Leo” damit zu belästigen. 🙂


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