And so it begins – Hej Sverige :)

First rule of long-term travel: leaving everything until the last minute is not a good idea… 😉 Trial-packing the day before sounds like a very good idea though – would have saved me a lot of sweat and swearing today when I battled with my backpack and my clothes to come to an agreement…

In the end the backpack was full to burst, taller than me and heavy as hell – but still only weighed 17.4 kg at the airport. Here I was, worrying I’d be way over 20 and would have to pay extra… What I do not have is a jacket – you know, these things you wear against cold and bad weather? There simply was no more space and I thought I’m following the summer 😉 But as a few bits and bobs will surely fall by the wayside during the trip, I might get a light one at some point, just in case.

beginner's luggage

What I had totally forgotten about was the strict “Only one piece of hand luggage” policy EasyJet has… I had my full Crumpler bag and one of my beloved Skunkfunk tote bags for my camera and other stuff. The guy at the checkin was really nice and offered that I could check in the bag as well with no extra cost! But after 15 minutes of wild packing to and fro, I gave up and took the two anyway… Turns out they have no problem if you hang the camera around your neck and have your ebook and iPod in your pockets while boarding 😉

The flight was perfectly on time with and with a flight time of 30 minutes (!!) we were in Copenhagen about 25 minutes ahead of schedule! With the rather long ways in the airport and of course our luggage on the very last belt, my backpack was already waiting for me 🙂 Then I tried to get my train ticket from the SJ machine – didn’t work. On the Danish one it worked fine…

The train was really full, but people made a big effort to squeeze everyone in between bags, suitcases, bicycles and prams… must be holiday season 😉

Getting off in Malmö I checked my screenshots for the hotel directions (as I have no mobile internet here – yet) and set off in what I thought the right direction. As it turned out, the direction wasn’t that wrong, I crossed the pretty square with all these nice-looking restaurants and expecting the hotel to be around the next corner. Only – it wasn’t… so I walked on until I reached a little canal and still saw no hotel. Next lesson for travelling: Don’t be afraid to ask the locals! The couple was very friendly and the guy worked out that I had in fact walked past the street the hotel was on. So I turned back and of course, there it was. Had I kept to the left from the very beginning instead of turning right, I’d have been there at least 15 minutes earlier. Oh well – good exercise 😉

Now my shoulders are a bit sore, but I had a nice shower, the wifi and the tv work and tomorrow there’s breakfast and checkout by midday, so I can take it a little easy before I’m off to the next part of the adventure 🙂

Nifty trick towards the end: If you keep an emergency bag with toiletries and a shirt in your handluggage, you don’t have to open the backpack for just one night 😉


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