The weird thing about goodbye

The time has come when I have to say goodbye to a lot of people before I actually take off. Maybe Winnie the Pooh can put it into words better than I can:

How lucky am I to have something
that makes saying goodbye so hard.

I said goodbye to my colleagues and some of my friends already, now I’ll do the rounds in my old hometown. Once I return to Hamburg, I have one week left before I take the plunge into the unknown. My feelings are all over the place, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I have left my job for good. My friends are such friends that I can be sure to meet again and just pick up where we left off now. And they can follow me here which is great 🙂

Still, I have always hated goodbyes and it doesn’t seem to get better with age… so, if you read this and we haven’t had our goodbye yet, please make it a short one – and be aware that I’ll probably cry anyway 😉 I’ve been known to cry for whole flights and train rides before, why change now… just take it as proof that I care about you!



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