Congrats! It’s an itinerary ;)

Covering 4 to 5 countries in just about 5 months!

Did I already say that I am flying to Sweden on 22 July? Working my way up from down in Skåne via Öland all the way up to Umeå – that will cover about 3 months already and I cannot wait to get there, speak lots of Swedish and see lots of beautiful places 🙂

Today I finally I managed to go to the travel agent and book my flights for the longest part of the journey (distance-wise that is)! I’ll be leaving Europe at the end of September, first stop is Hong Kong for a few days. Very excited about that, I read super-interesting things and also it is exactly half-way on the way to Auckland, at least judging by the flight time.

I’ll get to Auckland in the first week of October then and the plan is to stay there in some airbnb place for a few days to explore the city and get to know the locals a bit. Then I want to hop on a Stray bus and tour both islands on there, possibly stopping in some more airbnbs in the “big cities” along the way. Funnily enough I met a lady at yoga last week who just got back from doing exactly that and loved every minute! We will meet for dinner at some point next week and I can’t wait to hear more 🙂 What she told me so far sounded simply great – expensive though, but I don’t care! I’m prepared for NZ breaking the bank a little or a lot 😉

On the way back I will stop first in Sydney and then in Melbourne, for 3 and 4 days respectively before I fly back to Germany – again via Hong Kong, but this time I’m only in transfer. I’ll be home for Christmas, just about. The flight comes into Frankfurt on the morning of 23 December 🙂

From the one trip to NZ before I remember I wasn’t a big fan of Emirates – don’t get me wrong, service and all was great, but still… been there, done that, saw the people sleep in Dubai airport – so I didn’t necessarily want to take this route again. Luckily for me, Cathay Pacific seemed to have a sale on right now and so I decided Hong Kong would be worth going! I also get to try Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia. Those of you who know me know full well how exciting that is for me – I love anything aviation, so different airlines is the best 😀 And the price wasn’t half- bad either!

“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.”

I’m ready for takeoff…

Should you have any recommendations for my stopover cities, please comment or send me a message – always better to get first-hand tips than trust the internet 😛

P.S: If you have been counting countries, you might have noticed that so far that’s only 4. Guess the 5th? 😉


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