Kungliga Slottet

Oh Stockholm! When I first met you back in what must have been 2006, I fell in love with you. A friend at the time took me there and as she had been there before, she showed me around a bit. But it wasn’t until I came back in 2009 and got to spend a whole week with you, mostly on my own, that I felt I got to know you.

That October week was magical, the sun was shining pretty much all week and I walked your streets with a sense of excitement. Leaving my hotel in the mornings, I never knew where I would end up, but every day I found new wonderful places and sights.

Beautiful things, quirky things, new things and very old things – everything seemed to be filled by the autumn sunlight.

Homeless Fox

Or lighting up at night:


Since then, I have been back several times in almost all seasons – so far only summer is missing, but that should change this year 😉

What I recommend to do in Stockholm? It depends on what you want to see or do!

Museums: The city is home to a lot of different and equally beautiful museums. Whenever I am there, I have to go to see the current exhibitions at Fotografiska. They are always well put together and cover many different areas. Also, the cafe on the 2nd floor has a wonderful view over the water to some of the other islands – not to mention very nice kanelbulle 🙂
Skansen of course is a very good insight into the culture and the diversity of Sweden as a country. Also, it’s about the only chance to see for yourself how big a moose can get without having to worry about if it’s going to crash into your car 😉
If you grew up with Pippi Longstocking and the other Astrid Lindgren books like I did, you will absolutely love Junibacken! Even if it’s mainly made for kids, it’ll make you feel small again too 🙂
One of the most amazing museums I have seen though is the Vasa Museum! Can you imagine they found a complete warship from the 17th century 300 years later and restored it to its former glory to put it in this museum? It’s impossible to describe – go see it!

Sights: Gamla Stan is beautiful, even if it’s usually crawling with tourists. You feel like you are back in the Middle Ages, try walking the side streets with open eyes and you’ll see amazing things 🙂 I also really like Södermalm or So-Fo with its small funny shops and pretty buildings. And being higher up, this part of the city also provides you with incredible views!

Speaking of views, I will be forever grateful to my friend Ann who introduced me to the bar Himlen! Go there and see for yourself – and then let me know if you liked it 😉

Coffee is a big thing, Swedes looooove it! So you’ll find cafes and coffee shops on every corner, usually with very good snacks, sweets and cakes – and often free wi-fi. Espresso House is one of my favourites! If you walk past Chokladfabriken, make sure you pop in and check out their range of handmade chocolates – such yummyness! And Lagerhaus is your place to go if you want to “spice up” your home with things different to the Ikea range 🙂

See you there soon – hej då! 😀

Ferry sunset

P.S.: For those of you who watched this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the Swedish winner Måns Zelmerlöw: Here he is singing the ultimate Stockholm anthem, Stockholm i mitt hjärta 😉


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