First, there was a dream…

For a very long time (actually half my life!), I’ve been dreaming about going to travel for a while, be free to go wherever the wind may blow me and explore places – and not being limited by holiday allowances and similar “fun things”.

Last year, at that very beach, I made the decision to make this dream come true. In mid-July, I will take off, leave my job and my wonderful colleagues – without knowing if/when/how I will be back. It’s something I need to do and I hope to find out what it actually is that I am burning for. It’s no longer what I thought it would be.

This blog is one of many things I have to sort out and organise until then – but it will be my constant companion along the way. So if you want to find out more about my preparations and the actual plans, I suggest you keep your eye on me here. 🙂

My other companion will be my trusty camera, so you can see what those places look like. Maybe (hopefully?) it’ll inspire you! I want to reconnect with my photography and I think it should be great if I have the time to do it properly, including processing pictures and publishing them.

For now, the route looks like this: Sweden, New Zealand, some South Pacific island maybe and South America in the new year. Means of travel will probably be mainly airplanes, but I’m open to anything and if I can hitch a ride on a freight ship, I will not think twice! Nothing is set in stone yet, other than my first outpost in Sweden from the end of July. But at least for New Zealand I can say that I have been longing to go back ever since those magical 2.5 weeks back in 2007! And South America – Buenos Aires was a great appetizer! Feel free to suggest other destinations though. 😉


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